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A cold baby can't stop learning to crawl on a mat

A cold baby can't stop learning to crawl on a mat

As temperatures drop, many parents won't let their crawling babies climb. Early education experts warn that the long winter can cause babies to miss the full opportunity to crawl, leaving a negative impact on the development of physical skills. When the temperature is too low, parents should set up a crawling "private plot" in their home.

1.The importance of baby's crawling

According to modern medical research, crawl training is an important means to prevent children's sensory integration disorder in the growth stage. Crawling training is of great benefit in controlling eye, hand and foot coordination. Through the crawling training, can promote the infant brain development, the development of children's intellectual potential.

(1) when baby crawls with four feet, the neck needs to be raised, and it will turn left and right, which is of great help to the development of neck muscles and spine.

(2) crawling can exercise the strength of the wrist, and it will be helpful for the baby to eat with a spoon or draw with a pen in the future.

(3) the distance between the hand and eye when the baby is crawling will be the distance between the eyes and the book.

(4) during baby's crawling, baby's coordination of knee and arm movements and flexibility of limb joints can be developed.

2. The baby must not crawl for less than 500 hours

In the general early education standard, the baby's lifetime crawling time should be up to 800 hours, at least not under 500 hours. Generally, babies between 6 and 8 months will start to learn to crawl until they learn to walk, and the crawling will continue for a few months. This process has a huge impact on a baby's life.

In addition, the crawling posture is also very important, just learning to climb the baby "strange appearance" : with hands and feet, crawling forward, around, backward climbing. If that doesn't improve, crawling will be counterproductive. Parents must guide their children to correct crawling in the first place.

3.Is it cold and inconvenient to climb? crawl

When the temperature is too low, parents should set up a crawling "private land" in the home and put a crawling mat on it, so that the baby can freely "climb and roll" on it.

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