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How about PVC coil floor?

How about PVC coil floor?

PVC coil floor general use calendering process production. Among them filling is less, plasticizer is more than PVC floor tile. The PVC that USES 4 roll calendering machine factory to plasticize commonly, after calendering surface is level and smooth and clean, after cooling cut edge to take namely product. Applicable places: dance room, basketball court, yoga room, office, office building, activity room and operation room, etc. Control floor deformation within a reasonable range and reduce energy loss.

Advantages of PVC plastic floor:

1. Water-proof and non-skid: the surface is a high-density special structure, which simulates wood patterns. When exposed to water, it is more astringent and non-slippery. Its characteristic is stone material, ceramic tile etc incomparable.

2. Super-abrasion resistance: the abrasion resistance of the ground material depends on the surface wear layer's material and thickness, rather than the overall thickness of the floor tile. The surface of the brand PVC floor is covered with polymer special material with thickness of 0.1-0.5mm and high wear resistance. It is the one with the longest service life among similar products. Compare the thin thin layer of transparent film on compound wood floor or a layer of glaze on ceramic tile, real is had go beyond.

3. Light weight: the weight after construction. The weight after comparing wooden floor construction is light 10 times, the weight after comparing ceramic tile construction is light 20 times, the weight after comparing stone material construction is light 25 times reduce the bearing weight of its building, safety has assure, and carry convenient.

4. Convenient construction: no need of cement sand, no need of driving wood soil, special glue paste is laid, fast and simple. Various products, such as plate rock, gravel, marble and wood grain series, free blending, saving time and effort, once OK.

5. Good flexibility: special elastic structure, impact resistance, proper foot sense, and the highest guarantee for daily life for family members.

6. Good heat conduction and heat preservation: the heat conduction only needs a few minutes, and the heat dissipation is even, without the cold feeling of stone material or ceramic tile. You are not afraid of bare feet in winter. Disadvantages of PVC plastic floor: 1. High requirements for construction foundation. Fear of cigarette burns. 3. Non-natural materials. Fear of sharp weapons.

Features of PVC coil floor:

1. Wear resistant layer: high strength and pure PVC wear resistant layer. The thickness is above 0.1mm. Wear - resistant, stain - resistant, easy to clean and maintain. -- all kinds of structural wear-resistant tests conform to the standards.

2. Printing layer: high-precision five-color printing, with diversified patterns, well-arranged printing and realistic patterns, and no fading. -- sunlight fastness passed the test.

3. Pressure-resistant layer: better performance of resilience, no cold feeling when walking. -- your feet feel more comfortable.

4. Glass fiber base layer: it can prevent the phenomenon of shrinking scale and warping, and it is the guarantee of stable size and flat laying of elastic coil floor. -- dimensional stability passed the test.

5. Sound insulation layer: it is more comfortable to walk and can greatly reduce walking noise. -- passed the sound insulation performance test.

6. Back cover: provide flat back, waterproof and easy laying.

7. Applicable places: homes, hospitals, schools, kindergartens, libraries, commercial shops and office buildings, etc.

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