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Is PVC floor sheet good or roll good? How to choose?

Is PVC floor sheet good or roll good? How to choose?

PVC floor is the more popular paving material in the world building materials industry at present. Now it is widely used in many decoration projects abroad. Since 1980s, it has been vigorously promoted in the domestic market, and widely used in commercial (office building, shopping mall, airport,), education (school, kindergarten, gym), medicine (pharmaceutical factory, hospital), factories and other industries, with satisfactory results achieved, the usage amount is increasing day by day.

The main raw material of PVC floor is polyvinyl chloride, can divide PVC floor into sheet material and coil material from intuitionistic appearance, so this two kinds of PVC floor have what distinction, how should choose again in decorate?

PVC coil floor is made of polyvinyl chloride resin as the main raw material, with appropriate additives, and coated on sheet continuous substrate. There are mainly two types of PVC floor of compound type and same permeable type. The composite PVC floor is usually composed of UV abrasion resistant layer, color film printing layer, glass fiber layer, medium material layer and base material layer. The same permeable PVC floor is completely homogeneous from surface to bottom layer.

Coil floor joints less, strong sense of integrity, less sanitary dead Angle, and acid and alkali resistance, better dimensional stability, high PVC content, comfortable feet, a higher appearance, high quality standards, shop process needs to brush. After correct shop is installed, the problem that produces because of product quality is less. Color pattern is more abundant, the price has different gradient difference.

It is widely used in schools, hospitals, offices, factories, shopping malls, laboratories and other places with large overall area.

PVC sheet floor is to take polyvinyl chloride and copolymer resin as main raw material, join all sorts of auxiliary material, through calendering, extrusion or extrusion and become, from the appearance of the floor cent has self-stick floor, lock catch floor and common sheet material (already did not have back glue, also did not lock catch).

The design and color of sheet floor compares drapery more drapery, have copy wood grain only commonly, copy stone grain and copy carpet grain. Its specification dimensions has the square of similar tile floor, also have the long form of wooden floor. The construction of sheet floor is compared commonly simple, self-stick floor and lock floor need not too professional personnel can complete shop outfit. Material loss less, resistance to pollution and wear is also better, antibacterial, sound-absorbing and non-slip performance is superior, if the floor is damaged easier repair or replacement.

Sheet material suits home to install market more, its quality and price difference are bigger also. Self-adhesive floor is commonly used for rental housing, or other short-term use of the site; Lock floor is more appropriate at high-grade, long-term use place.

PVC coil and sheet have their own advantages and disadvantages, according to different places and use demand reasonable choice is the correct use of PVC floor good way!

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