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Low-cost rubber product production methods

Low-cost rubber product production methods

Reducing the cost of products under the premise of ensuring the quality of rubber products is a dream of every rubber product manufacturer. However, in actual operation, sometimes the cost of rubber products is reduced and the quality is gone; the cost of quality is the cost increase. It is difficult to grasp. Then how can rubber products be produced in order to achieve a balance between “quality” and “price”? How to produce low-cost rubber products?

1. Use of renewable resources (recycled rubber + recycled rubber powder)

Recycled rubber and recycled rubber powder are rubber materials processed from waste rubber products. The products have low price and good performance. They can replace all kinds of raw rubber to produce rubber products and significantly reduce raw material costs. Latex reclaimed rubber commonly used in reclaimed rubber products can replace natural rubber to produce various high-elastic rubber products. Tire reclaimed rubber can be blended into various natural rubber products and general synthetic rubber products, and butyl reclaimed rubber replaces butyl rubber. Airtight rubber products, shock-absorbing rubber products, nitrile reclaimed rubber instead of nitrile rubber to produce oil-resistant rubber products, EPDM reclaimed rubber instead of DPEM to produce various outdoor rubber products, sealing products, etc. The price of reclaimed rubber is much lower than that of various raw rubbers. Taking latex reclaimed rubber as an example, the price of high-quality hy-lact reclaimed rubber is half or less of natural rubber. Substituting natural rubber can significantly reduce costs. For some low-grade rubber products, even reclaimed rubber can be used completely, and the cost is lower.

Recycled rubber powder mainly includes waste tire rubber powder, EPDM rubber powder and nitrile rubber powder. Among them, tire rubber powder has the lowest price. In the production of rubber products, it can be in the form of filler or in the role of rubber raw materials. Appearance, such as the production of rubber bricks for tire rubber powder, rubber powder modification for road asphalt, etc., can also reduce the production cost of zsj rubber products, and is another way to produce low-cost rubber products.

2, filled with low-cost filler

A large part of low-cost rubber products require a large volume, and the production cost of completely using rubber raw materials is too high. At this time, a large amount of low-cost fillers such as calcium carbonate, clay red mud, quartz powder, talcum powder, and oil shale ash can be selected. Etc., increase the volume of rubber products and reduce the production cost of rubber products. However, since the compatibility of the cheap filler with the rubber is not very good, the performance of the rubber product is degraded. Therefore, it is preferable to carry out surface modification treatment, use a suitable rubber processing oil, and improve the tear strength and the tensile stress of the rubber. Wear resistance and other indicators.

The use of reclaimed rubber and recycled rubber powder can not only reduce the cost of rubber products, but also the environmental pollution caused by environmental waste rubber products. It is the main production method of low-cost rubber products. Recycled rubber can be used alone or with original rubber. Combined use, can significantly reduce the cost of raw materials under the premise of ensuring the quality of rubber products.

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