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Pvc plastic sheet, what brand of pvc plastic sheet is good

Pvc plastic sheet, what brand of pvc plastic sheet is good

Pvc plastic sheet is a new kind of ground decoration material popular in recent years. It is popular among people because of its light texture, rich color and not easy to be deformed. Then, let Baoding Decoration Company talk to you about the PVC plastic sheet today!

First, what is pvc plastic sheet

Before you understand the price and brand of pvc plastic sheet, let's first spread its basic definition. In fact, the color of this plastic plate is generally white and gray, but it can also be produced in color. The quality of all products is strictly in accordance with the standard of GB/T4454-1996, so that it has good performance. Not only is the surface smooth and flat, but it is also non-absorbent, non-deformable, corrosion-resistant, aging-resistant, flame-retardant, easy to process, etc., so it will be widely used in various fields.

Second, the price of pvc plastic sheet

There are many brands of plastic plates on the market, but the prices of different brands are naturally different. However, in the previous definitions, there are also a variety of colors for such floor covering materials, but the prices of different colors are also different. So what is the price of it? There is no fixed standard. The specific price is subject to the price you actually buy.

Third, what brand of pvc plastic sheet is good

1. Qingdao AOD

Qingdao AOD Rubber Products Co., Ltd. meets the needs of flooring, owners, designers and suppliers around the world with excellent foresight and creativity. In this fierce competition, seeking differences and seeking innovation has made Qingdao AOD's excellent product quality and diversified choices, and has been favored by more and more consumers.

2, Armstrong Armstrong

Armstrong is a product of Armstrong World Industries Ltd. The company was founded in 1860 and is headquartered in the United States. At present, it is already the production and market leader in the world of ceilings, floor profiles and cabinets. With more than forty factories around the world, its strength is obvious.

3. Bonnie Bonie

American Bonier Building Materials Technology International Group Co., Ltd. is a professional decorative materials company integrating R&D, production and sales. There are factories and branches in various regions around the world, and various products are sold all over the world. At present, Bonnier has launched 20 series of products in the Chinese market, which largely meets the different needs of different consumers.

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