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See if your rubber products are aging

See if your rubber products are aging

In our lives, there are all kinds of rubber products, rubber tires, rubber flooring, rubber toys, rubber kitchen utensils, etc.; different rubber products use functions and materials are different; but all rubber products will There is a problem: aging.

In daily life, such as car tire cracks, seal strips become soft, inner tube leaks, rubber soles become hard, etc. are all rubber aging phenomena. The so-called rubber aging is a combination of environmental factors such as heat, oxygen, water, light, microorganisms, chemical media, etc., causing problems such as hard, sticky, brittle, discolored, and losing strength. Check and check if your home rubber products are aging?

Preventing aging is of great significance for improving the performance of rubber products and prolonging their service life. According to the factors causing the aging of rubber products, different methods can be selected to prevent or delay the occurrence of aging.

1.Physical protection method: rubber-plastic blending, surface coating or fake light shielding agent, paraffin wax, etc. are generally used to avoid the interaction between rubber and various aging factors;

2. Chemical protection method: Actively add amines (such as phenylenediamine, naphthylamine) or phenolic chemical antioxidants to prevent or delay the aging reaction. According to the factors causing aging, the anti-aging agent has anti-heat aging anti-aging agent and anti-aging agent. Ozone aging anti-aging agent, harmful metal ion inhibitor, anti-fatigue anti-aging agent, anti-ultraviolet radiation anti-aging agent and other types of products, according to the types of rubber products, the use of appropriate anti-aging agents, delay aging.

In fact, the use of reclaimed rubber with good anti-aging properties is very important for delaying the aging of rubber products. In rubber products, EPDM rubber has the best anti-aging properties. Therefore, rubber products that are exposed to the outside for a long time are usually made of EPDM rubber. Raw materials are produced; butyl rubber has good anti-aging properties. However, whether it is EPDM rubber or butyl rubber, their prices are relatively high, which will increase the production cost of rubber products enterprises. Therefore, you can choose high-quality EPDM reclaimed rubber and butyl reclaimed rubber instead. The production of rubber products from the original rubber can guarantee the quality of the products and reduce the cost of raw materials. If you want to know more about anti-aging rubber types and various methods of anti-aging rubber products, please pay attention to our headline number: Fortune Recycled.

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