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The home is decorated to suit PVC stone floor after all, saw clear

The home is decorated to suit PVC stone floor after all, saw clear

PVC floor is one kind of stone model floor, its main composition is: "natural stone powder" joins "vinyl resin", have super-strong wearability and impact resistance, have stronger flexibility to heavy object impact to restore ability.

The home is decorated to suit PVC stone floor after all, saw clear

Advantages of PVC stone flooring:

1. The abrasion layer on the surface of the stone and plastic flooring has special anti-skid performance and becomes astringent when exposed to water. At the same time, the waterproof and moisture-proof ability is also excellent.

2. The stone and plastic floor also has better fire and flame retardant performance, but the lighted cigarette end falls on the floor, though it will not burn

Can leave not easy to remove the yellow imprint, but the flame retardant performance of compound floor is not inferior.

3. The stone and plastic floor has good acid and alkali resistance.

4. In appearance, the stone and plastic flooring has a variety of designs and colors, and the high-end products are designed like the carpet, which set off the elegant and fresh aesthetic effect.

Disadvantages of PVC stone and plastic flooring:

1, the weakness is stitching on the stone floor can't achieve seamless connection like coil PVC floor, there is no coil of the floor on the foot feels soft, stone floor, although there is a fire retardant properties, such as cigarette butts on the ground while still burn is not hot, but will change yellow was burnt traces, by this time can only replace the place of the floor. And coil PVC floor can use sander to grind off, in besmear, can show with new installation same.

2. As a result of stone plastic flooring is a kind of high-tech new flooring decoration material, although it has been popular for decades in Europe and the United States and other countries, it is still emerging in China. Nevertheless, if choose undeserved, inferior stone model floor can have certain harm to human body. Inferior stone model floor strange taste is heavy. As a result of its make a technology is not so strict abide by law of science and technology, inferior stone model floor can send out unpleasant pungent odour, harmful gas exceeds bid badly, can produce to human body nose mucous membrane, retina, respiratory tract, internal organs, nerve system stimulation, affect human body health badly. Inferior stone model floor life is short, some service life does not exceed 3 months. Accordingly, the friend that wants to try stone model floor can want to polish bright eye, otherwise still choose floor sale mainstream only real wood floor, aggrandizement floor, solid mu fu is compound floor had been good.

There is no key in the world that can unlock all doors. Similarly, in decorating, use PVC floors to suit the conditions of the house. If you're worried you might make a mistake, leave a message on this site.

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