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What are the differences between PVC plastic sheet and aluminum plastic sheet?

What are the differences between PVC plastic sheet and aluminum plastic sheet?

In the family is decorated, the metope of kitchen and toilet already became the construction project that every household must undertake, because the kitchen and toilet humidity is bigger and have lampblack and peculiar smell to wait for special environment, choose appropriate material in decorate, appear particularly important, the choice is good can reduce a lot of trouble for future daily life.

What are the differences between PVC plastic sheet and aluminum plastic sheet?

The PVC plank in domestic decorate is the material that often USES in the condole top of kitchen toilet, additionally aluminous model board also begins to apply the condole top of the kitchen and toilet and metope.

Before use waterproof coating in the kitchen and toilet, its construction is convenient, cost is inferior, colour is diversiform, but be in the kitchen and toilet environment are used for a long time, often local fall off with fade phenomenon occurrence, had been eliminated completely now.

PVC gusset plate is made of PVC as raw material through extrusion process, featuring waterproof, moisture-proof, mothproof and flame retardant. There are many kinds of color and pattern patterns of PVC board, mainly in plain color. Its section is honeycomb mesh structure, both sides of the processing formed tongue and concave tenon. When selecting PVC gusset plate, it should be noted that the surface should be free of cracks and scratches, the tongue and tenon should be complete and straight, the interlocking is smooth and there is no local bulge. The disadvantage of PVC gusset plate is its poor performance of high temperature resistance. It is easy to be deformed, aged and faded in a relatively hot environment for a long time, losing the original decorative effect.

Aluminous model board not only have waterproof, moistureproof, mothproof, flame retardant wait for a characteristic, still can anticorrosive fight static electricity, sound-absorbing sound insulation, can calculate is at present best kitchen toilet metope, condole top material. The basic material of aluminous model board is aluminium + plastic, differ according to ply, the price has certain difference, be in commonly medium level price. The quality of imported products is better, generally at high prices. Check the quality of aluminum plastic board to see whether its surface is smooth, whether there is bubble, surface baking varnish glossiness is good, thickness is uniform, there is scar deformation. Aluminous model board surface also has a variety of colour, adornment effect is very good also, at present kitchen toilet wall adornment and condole top use aluminous model board already became a kind of development trend.

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