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What is the best way to distinguish between true and false silicone rubber products?

What is the best way to distinguish between true and false silicone rubber products?

No matter how to defend and disguise the gel products, they can't cover the thick compound. When it comes to chemicals, most of them are related to environmental hazards, and neither plastic nor rubber can cover them, while silicone rubber products are different. However, it is usually said that most of the friends of the gel products are purely preventive, so it is necessary to elaborate on the most practical method for distinguishing the true and false materials of silicone products.

At present, there are many daily necessities in the silicone rubber products industry in Dongguan. The medical device products and electronic accessories products are all made of silica gel. The difference between silica gel and other rubber types is that the chemical composition is different. It mainly contains white carbon. Black, silicone, silicone oil, and compounding vulcanizing agents, as well as additives added to the coloring gel, do not contain harmful compounds. In the silicone material, it is purely a certain reference material. For example, in order to save costs, low-cost raw materials, raw material suppliers add catalysts to improve efficiency, etc., so the method of truly distinguishing between true and false and quality is as follows:

1, color:

Silicone rubber products can be adjusted with a variety of different colors according to the international Pantone color number, so there is no difference from the color above, and there is no flaw after the appearance treatment, but the main thing is to stretch and see the rebound. There will be no whitening or light transmission. If there is material, it may belong to ordinary materials!

2, feel:

The feel is very important. Whether the stretch, rebound, deformation and toughness of the silicone products are very important, if the above performances are basically high-quality materials, the general functions are high-end products and brand products such as: (brand official website silicone mobile phone protection Set) and so on, the products are used more widely!

3, open flame burning:

This method is most effective. Generally, the quality of the silica gel product is different from other rubber materials after burning, and white smoke will appear. When the surface of the product is burnt, white mist will appear. After burning completely, it will be white powder. The color is odorless, and different materials will appear yellow to the end of the black residue.

and so! When you can't tell if the silicone product in your hand is genuine, you can try it in several ways!

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