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Where are the natural rubber imported from China?

Where are the natural rubber imported from China?

According to Dr. Wang Wencai, a professor at Beijing University of Chemical Technology, China's natural rubber consumption in 2016 was 4.78 million tons, of which only 760,000 tons of natural rubber came from China, and about 80% of the remaining natural rubber needed to be imported. In the same year, China produced 3.5. Billions of used tires, with a total weight of more than 13 million tons, accounting for 36% of the world total.

“Now China's large amount of rubber needs to rely on imports. If we make full use of used tires, we can reduce our dependence on imported rubber. Second, we can reduce hidden dangers such as black pollution and fire caused by used tires.” Wang Wencai The doctor said to the Caijing Shibao.

In 2015, China has produced more than 4.6 million tons of recycled rubber, accounting for 80% of the world's total. According to Dr. Wang, recycled rubber can be used as part of the replacement of raw rubber and other rubber products in tires such as conveyor belts, shoe materials and rubber hoses. At present, China's largest tire company Zhongce Rubber Group Co., Ltd. has used the latest technology to produce recycled rubber that has reached the emission standards of Northern California and the European Union. Its production line has also significantly improved energy saving, labor reduction and safe production.

Since China's technology for producing recycled rubber has become more mature, does this mean that China will gradually reduce the import of natural rubber in the future?

For this problem, the president of the Malaysian Plastics and Rubber Association (PRIM), Feng Jiashu, told the Caijing Shibao that he was also very surprised by the production of recycled rubber in China. However, due to its limited production, it is believed that China’s rubber imports will not be There is a significant decline in the short term.

“Rubber is widely used. It can be used in automobiles, ships, etc., so China views the rubber industry from a strategic perspective. China’s long-term policy is self-sufficiency. In the past decade, China has established many synthetic rubber plants. In addition, natural rubber is also being planted in places such as Hainan and Yunnan. In addition, China is doing a lot of research on extracting rubber from dandelion and Eucommia ulmoides,” Feng Jiashu said.

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