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  • High quality Electronic Tray Packaging Products Quotes,China Electronic Tray Packaging Products Factory,Electronic Tray Packaging Products Purchasing
  • High quality Electronic Tray Packaging Products Quotes,China Electronic Tray Packaging Products Factory,Electronic Tray Packaging Products Purchasing

Electronic Tray Packaging Products

Brand :HongBangYaSheng

Product origin :QingDao,China

Delivery time :30 Days

Supply capacity :Annual output of 6,000 tons

Qingdao Oda subsidiary Qingdao Ya Bang is a professional production of PVC, PET, PS, PP all kinds of environmentally friendly fruit and vegetable boxes, moon cake care, food care, oral liquid care, cosmetic care, plastic care, electronic care, flocking suction Plastic packaging, vegetable nursery tray, rice seedling tray and other types of food as well as large-scale pharmaceutical plastic enterprises, are widely used in food, medicine and other packaging. The factory has fully automatic control pressure molding machine, automatic plastic machine several Taiwan, the production of care in the millions of above. Advanced equipment, sophisticated technology, improve the quality control system, to provide you with design and cost accounting services. With the continuous development of our R & D and production capabilities, we sincerely hope that with our colleagues and our customers to establish a more extensive relations of cooperation. The factory will be adhering to the "focus, focus, professional" faith, customers continue to provide more reliable products and services. Passionate service, reasonable prices won the trust of many manufacturers. I plant a variety of plastic packaging, sold throughout the country.

Flocking blister products, raw materials, only the plastic sheeting, the film thickness is generally not more than 1.5MM, commonly used sheet: PVC, PET, PP, PS and on the basis of the flocking sheet, gold-plated sheet and anti-static Sheet.


The most commonly used plastic materials, soft, toughness, good plasticity, can be made of transparent and various colors, commonly used

Transparent PVC packaging electronics, cosmetics, toys, gifts and other products.

Hard, good toughness, high strength, bright surface, non-toxic environmental protection, transparent and a variety of colors of the sheet. The disadvantage is that PET high frequency heat more difficult, the price is much more expensive than PVC, this material is often required to replace high-grade products and environmentally friendly users to replace PVC


Low density (light), environmentally friendly non-toxic, plasticity is very good, poor toughness brittle, can not be made of transparent material, so only made bottom care plastic, because of its easy to crack, such plastic should not be recycled


Material is particularly soft, toughness, environmental non-toxic, high temperature, often made of food and beverage equipment or other high temperature packaging products; but its poor plasticity, processing difficult, the surface gloss is poor, and the processing color will be shallow.

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