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  • High quality Semi-circular EVA Fenders Quotes,China Semi-circular EVA Fenders Factory,Semi-circular EVA Fenders Purchasing
  • High quality Semi-circular EVA Fenders Quotes,China Semi-circular EVA Fenders Factory,Semi-circular EVA Fenders Purchasing

Semi-circular EVA Fenders

Brand :ODA

Product origin :QingDao,China

Delivery time :15 Days

Supply capacity :Monthly production of 2000 to 2500 cubic meters

Also known as Foam Fill Fender (Ball), EVA Arched Fender is a floating fender system that utilizes a lightweight, highly resilient foam as a cushioning medium over inflatable fenders and is widely used in ports, offshore, and boat docks Boat work.

AODA products using environmentally friendly materials and has a high modulus of elasticity of the new polymer materials, the appearance of the recent development of a new spray polyurethane elastomer technology, which can effectively increase the product flexibility and resistance to sea water and other corrosive. Products can be used alone, but also with other protective products at the same time. With high strength, high elasticity, high adhesion and large impermeability, anti-aging properties.

Qingdao Odda rubber production of polyurethane floating fenders is also a compression fender, which is made of polyurea material for the outer protective layer, the internal polyurethane foam or plastic foam material used in the course of its adoption Compression deformation to absorb the ship's impact energy, thereby reducing the damage to the pier and the ship. Polyurethane floating fenders big feature is the floating performance, not affected by tide difference; bright color, according to user requirements to provide a variety of colors of products; compared with the inflatable fender, the use of the process does not require inflation, with safety and maintenance-free Flange connection, installation, movement, easy to use; Polyurethane floating fender reaction force from small to large and high energy absorption. Suitable for open-sea quay, gravity (pier) pier, It is a new product that replaces inflatable fenders and can be widely used in docks, docks, side of the ship and other places.

Use range:

1) Wharf, ship fender;

2) Suitable for gravity and Dundee wharves, especially those with large tidal range;

3) Especially suitable for fenders on boats and ships, more suitable for floating fenders;

4) as a pier pier fenders to protect the ship from damage;

5) as a necessary equipment for the terminal protection equipment, with flexible emergency functions;

6) Suitable for berthing and use of naval special vessels to ensure berthing safety;

7) The use of large floating fenders, the berthing can increase the depth of the ship, pier upgrade purposes;

8) The floating fenders can be used alone or in combination with other protective devices to protect the pier and the ship.

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